Dear Friend,

I'm the Group Finance Director with Lloyds Bank here.My colleagues and I have discovered a floating fixed deposit account with a fixed lodgment worth 11,200,000us$, which has not been serviced for years now. Our investigation has revealed that the account owner, who was a top government functionary from an African country, died Three years back(2005 or thereabout).It will be in our interest to have these funds transferred to the credit of an offshore business person or group since there is no claimant to this fund.

If you can assist and partner with us in getting the money transferred to your bank account, contact me immediately for us to talk better on this and agree on terms before we proceed with the deal.

Please remember this is absolutely confidential.You must discard this information if you are not well disposed to the offer.

Sincerely yours,

Mr.Evans Steven

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